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Our next classes start October 3, 2016

Code Convoy is a web development school in Wisconsin providing courses and workshops for people of all ages who want to learn web design or development.

Why Code Convoy?

Real practice

Bootcamps rush students through learning. We emphasize repetition, practice, and sequential learning using effective learning strategies from other subjects like music and sports.

Lifelong learning

Open to professionals looking for a career boost and hobbyists of all ages exploring a new curiosity. There's always more to learn.


Interdisciplinary courses that connect web development to other fields and to each student's overall personal development and well-being.

Creative metaskills

Don't just learn syntax – learn how to learn, think like a programmer, and use creative skills to build your ideas.


Explore the curriculum at your own pace with guidance tailored to your interests. Learn in the way that works for you.

Expert and peer support

Weekly, small group classes with an experienced mentor where you can learn from everyone.


Our classroom is inside the Headway office and we are closely connected to the local community of professional web developers.

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Web Fundamentals 1: HTML and CSS

Building and styling web pages

Learn how to make a website or web application by focusing on two of the fundamental building blocks of the web: HTML and CSS. You'll learn creative strategies and beginning to advanced technical skills for building the structure and style of web pages.

8 class sessions
Starts October 3, 2016

De Pere, Wisconsin
Instructor: Kevin McGillivray

Web Fundamentals 2: JavaScript

Introduction to computer programming and scripting on the web

Learn how to make websites more interactive, dynamic, and engaging by combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll learn the fundamentals of computer programming, how to read and write JavaScript, and the interdisciplinary creative strategies and programmatic thinking skills necessary to be a web developer.

8 class sessions
Starts October 3, 2016

De Pere, Wisconsin
Instructor: Kevin McGillivray

Prerequisite: Previous experience with HTML and CSS or completion of Web Fundamentals 1: HTML & CSS

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Our free workshops are a great way to try out web development in a risk free environment. Attend one of our upcoming events and evaluate programming as a potential career.

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Our partners

Code Convoy is collaborative partnership between some of the area's most experienced and enthusiastic web developers and designers. These working web professionals design the curriculum, keep Code Convoy running, and support our students in and out of the classroom.

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